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Ganeshas ruins - New weapon & costume


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Dear players,

Todays update contains a new cave, which can also be accessed as an open world map (it has regions suited for duels), new costumes and weapons.

The new Ganesha weapons are crafted at the entrance to the map using upgrade items from thundermap, new upgrade items from this dungeon with 75 avg weapons (such as poisoned sword), where the bonuses are transferable.

The new weapons have 6% more average damage and 14% strong against monsters as default bonus than the 75 avg weapons.

In the cave you have to destroy all the monsters, after which you will get some keys, with the keys you will open the gates, and then you will destroy the four stones. The stones will drop pieces of stone, with which you will repair a statue. You will have to destroy secundar-bosses, and at the end the big boss, Ganesha.

Level: 85-95
Bonus: Mystics
Reward: Strong pvm weapons, costumes, hairstyles.
Wait-time: 15 minutes after leaving.
Item source: All items required are dropable in this dungeon.

Extra changes:
- Fixed the bug speed caused by spamming the green buttons that hides the costumes.
- If you do not move for more than 30 minutes the auto-attack and pickup will disable, to keep the boss spawn places free from afk people.
- Text of notice bar it no longer overlaps.
- If you left your char with space pressed longer than 30 minutes without changing your position, it will stop from attacking.

Stage 1 Phase 1

To build the statue you need statue pieces

You can get the pieces this way:

Phase 2
- After the statue is built, 4 bosses are spawned.

In this stage kill boss first, it has enormous HP regeneration!

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30.Apr.2020 04:53

which bonus to ganesha ?


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30.Apr.2020 05:06
Bonus: Mystics


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30.Apr.2020 05:10
for how long is the server closed?


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30.Apr.2020 05:52
How long is the update?


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30.Apr.2020 06:04
Have some patience please.


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30.Apr.2020 06:13

Let me understand, if we put a poisoned sword it turns into a new sword but the bonuses on the poisoned sword remain?


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30.Apr.2020 06:19
Yes, its like evolving the poison.

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