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Daily Events

Monday - All day - double drop for Cor draconis and Moonlight Treasure Chest

Tuesday- 21:00-22:00 (Romanias Hour) -Hide and Seek - Each HIDE AND SEEK ADMIN] will give you 5kkk after you click on him

Wednesday- 07:00-23:00 (Romanias Hour) Books Day (change books with Mr. Soon)

Thursday- 19:00 Dojang PVP Event
21:00-22:00 (Romanias Hour) - Clan of bosses invasion (Several bosses appear in PVM map, go to Uriel to be teleported there)

Friday- 21:00-22:00 (Romanias Hour) - Golden Frogs. Each frog drops 1 ear, take them to Mr. Soon and he will give you 50kk for each.

Saturday - double experience and yang all day
At 21:00-22:00 (Romanias Hour) War Character Event (you can attack players with ?10 levels )
55-104 - 1 kill = 800kk
105-117 - 1 kill = 1kkk + 90 kill = 100 Vote coins

Sunday - double experience and yang all day
19:00 Dojang PVP Event
21:00-22:00 (Romanias Hour) War Character Event

Where to find Mr. Soon and Uriel?
Blue map1 - As you teleport to Theowahdan, you can see Mr. Soon on the river side.

Red map1 - As you teleport to Theowahdan, you can see Mr. Soon. Uriel is right across the Sta.ble:

Yellow map1: As you teleport to Biologist, Mr. Soon is right there, and you can see Uriel also from there



Lunes- Todo el d?a doble drop
Martes- De 20:00 ? 21:00 Hide and seek (al escondite)
Mi?rcoles- El d?a de los libros (booksday), todo el d?a (Cambia libros con Mr. Soon)
Jueves- 20:00-21:00- Invasi?n de Jefes (Boss invasion)- Muchos jefes aparecen en la mapa PvM, vete a Uriel para teleportar all?.
Viernes- 20:00-21:00- Ranas de oro, recibes una oreja por cada rana derrotada, dale las orejas a Mr. Soon y ?l te dar? 50kk por cada una.
S?bado y domingo- Dobl? experiencia todo el finde.
De 20:00 ? 21:00- La guerra de los caracteres (puedes atacar jugadores con 10 nivelos m?s grandes o con 10 nivelos m?s peque?os.)
55-104- 1kill= 800kk
105-117- 1Kill= 1kkk (cu?ndo tienes 90 jugadores matados recibes autom?ticamente 100 monedas en el itemshop)



Montag: Cor-Draconis und Mondlicht-Schatztruhe x2.
(den ganzen Tag).

Dienstag: Hide n Seek
von 21:00h - 22:00h

Mittwoch: Book Day
(Die B?cher k?nnen den ganzen Tag bei Mr.Soon getauscht werden)

Donnerstag: Boss-J?ger
(Alle Bosse spawnen auf einer PvM Map, Der Eingang ist bei Uriel. 21:00h - 22:00h)

Freitag: Goldener Frosch (Jeder Frosch Droppt ein Tanaka Ohr, dass ihr bei Mr.Soon gegen 50kk eintauschen könnt. 21:00h - 22:00h)

Samstag und Sontag: Krieg der Rassen

Töte andere Spieler (max.10 lvl über deinem min.10 lvl unter deinem lvl. 21:00h - 22:00h)
lvl 55 - 104: 1 kill = 800kk
lvl 105 - 117: 1 kill = 1kkk
ab 90+ Kills bekommt ihr 100 Vote-Coins





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