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Hello Guys

This is a small guide for beginners to make your experience in calliope2 more fun and easy

Before you read this , We have a detailed wiki on our main page make sure to check it .

So lets start :
At level 1 you will be starting with all you need to level up easily and smoothly by clicking the red chest ] You will have all items you need to start your journey

After killing some dogs/wolves in map1 you will reach level 10 easily

Also you will be able to use the level 10 Red chest ] that gives you some adders/changers that will help you a lot

Now as you reached level 10 the next thing you want to do is setting up your skills
Make sure to choose the right skill and start distributing points to make your skills even stronger You can drop skill books from calliopes as described later on ]

Press C or click on character icon to see your stats/skils

Using the adders/Changers we got we will start to add some bonus to our items then by clicking F10 or pressing Esc you can open switch bot

How to use switch bot ?

After opening switch bot you need to drag your items and drop them on the bot , Then you will need to choose the desired bonus and click on turn on switch bot

Now please notice : The buy now automatically option will allow your bot to automatically buy changers without the need to be near general store till your item get the bonus you wanted

You can also click on the suggestion icon to see the best bonus you can get on the item you equipped on switch bot

Now by heading to general store in each map1 you will be able to buy a lot of items thats gonna help you out in your journey

Now after getting your skills ready you will be able to Teleport to any map within your level range ] using the warp ring you got at level 1

By choosing any map2 from your tp ring you will be able to see 4 farm maps that you can go and farm

Now you can farm gold/books/stones to help you as a start , Also will help you to level up

You can see every calliopes drop by clicking on the !] Icon next to calliopes hp bar Or by checking our wiki ]

You can press U or click storage icon on left/bottom side of your screen to open your second storage where you will be storing
Stones/books/upgrade items

The fastest way to make gold is by selling the stones you got from calliopes You can sell your stones to general store or any npc that has the sell option ]

Now you want to head again to general store and buy some red/blue potions - dont forget to increase your stats/skills points

You will be dropping a lot of moonlights/training chests during leveling up / farming - which will help you a lot , Also you will be dropping cor dragon ( rough ) from all kind of mobs
Once you reach level 30 alchemy system will be opened and you can use these cros .

Now you want to get a buffer read this guide :

Now you can either keep farming calliopes within your level ] which you can find using your tp ring Farm maps ]
Or you can level up using this guide

Notice that its not recommended to level up without getting all the items you need first to do dungeons ]

Important things :
You can get exp rings from calliopes in firelands Level 70+ ]
You can easily drop pvm weapons from v4 + Azreal chest
You can also drop gear from sd2-calliopes while leveling up

So what boss can you start with as a new player ?

There are 3 simple and easy to do bosses you can do as a new player

You can reach bosses by clicking Control+D ]

First is slime queen : Bonus needed : Undead ] Guide

Second is SD3 Spider : Bonus needed : Animals ] You can get the keys from farming sd3 , The drop is amazing Pet/costumes/hairstyles/enchant changers/ ect.. ]

So lets improve more How do I get the soul crystals PMV Player vs mobs ] Items ?

There are 3 pvm items Soul crystal - necklace-bracelet-earrings ]

You can get all of them from Infected garden boss Bonus needed : Undead ] , Control+D Garden ] - Now remember this boss has a max level limit which is 95 - You will not be able to do the boss after 95 . Guide

You can also drop pvm armors from Nemere boss : Guide

You can drop pvm boots from Razador boss : Guide

By pressing F12 You can see the cooldowns for every boss

Always remember you can contact staff ingame/discord at anytime with anything you cant find in wiki

You can see all staff members in your friend list ingame

We will be more than happy to help you.

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