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Seasonal autumn event - Halloween

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Todays update is the implementation of Halloween event. As you know every season of the year has a special event on Calliope.

To enter in the Halloween map you have to speak with Jack the Pumpkin who is located in each map1.

Level drop between 60-80. Best drop at 75.
Required bonus: Undeads (vampire)

New items for 2019:

In game:
Pet Skeleton - 2000 hp, 10% stronger vs monsters, attack value +80
Ghost pet - 2000 hp, 10% stronger vs monsters, attack value +80
Dark horse - 1500 hp, 25% stronger vs monsters, attack value + 100.
Halloween Weapon skins for all races - 20 attack value + 10% stronger vs monsters. (with 5% more than other skin weapons)

Site version:
Dark horse (Is) - 2000 life points, monsters 30%, animals 30%. (like cerberos)
Lord Skeleton pet (is) - 149 attack value, 2000 life points, 10% stronger vs monsters. (like monkey, but instead of exp we have monsters)

The pets appearance:

Dark horse appearance:

Halloween weapon set appearance:

Other items you can drop:

You have to kill monsters or Pumpkin stones in order to drop Halloween Pumnkins. You will exchange the pumnkins at jack for a prize.

Gold bars and weapon skins drops at the Dark Knight (boss).


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27.Sep.2019 06:54
Cool stuff


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27.Sep.2019 07:12
Well done!


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28.Sep.2019 03:30
as usual you do a good work,well done :D


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28.Sep.2019 05:46
Well done!


Threads: 24
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29.Sep.2019 03:40
Dear players,

I will not open another topic for this:

With this mornings maintenance if you ever get disconnected, the dungeon will stay alive for another 5 minutes. So if you are disconnected for any reason, you can enter and continue the dungeon without any problems.


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30.Sep.2019 07:53
is there a chance to put the weapon skins in the chests too? with a like 0.5% chance or smth?
i tried farming the boss at night (!!) for 6 hours and didnt even drop gold or pumkins from the boss....


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30.Sep.2019 13:12
You wont if you dont have the right level.

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